How to Make Virtual Meetings More Interactive for Business – The Sooner the Better

Creative ways to use Zoom

If you are a speaker and you kept on talking into the screen continuously for about 10 to 20 minutes straight and when you see the faces of your fellows then you feel that they are bored, distracted whatsoever. Learn Creative ways to use Zoom and have don’t get bored whatsoever.

If ask something and they do not tend to respond, then this is the point where the speaker thinks low of himself and wants to get things over with as soon as possible. It is not speakers’ fault and neither the participants.

As online is the new normal so it takes some time to get used to it and as far as the statics of online learning is concerned then 91% say that they daydream and 35% say that they tend to sleep so engaging the participants is the question here.

The best way to avoid such things that require the audience to only listen, it is better to mail them up. Choose a method that tends to want to get the audience participated.

Following are the steps to enhance the interactiveness within a zoom meeting:

  • Setting expectations is preferred and it is urged to get this done before the start of meeting because it provides participants to thought of solution to the problem before hand and when the meeting starts then they can contribute as well.
  • Engaging with the participants is preferred, before the start of the meeting it is better to ask them how they are and what they are up to, better let the participants bond with each other in this way they remain active and charged up.
  • Assign each role to a person and try to keep the meeting small because the more they are, the harder it is to engage them up. Telling an ice breaker or taking a break assign the charge to the other while you are away.
  • Tell a fun joke or, set a mode with conducting a good ice breaker. It helps to lighten the mood and sets the tone for the learning. Makes people attentive and then begin the session, continue this scenario from time to time within a session to keep things engaging.
  • Make the use of visuals as much as you can because they help people get the understanding by over 94% faster so why wait at all, if you want your audience to be engaged then make the use of media fluent.
  • Exercise is a great way to loosen the muscles and relieve the tension up, it makes you focus and understanding. So, take breaks during the meeting and make sure to exercise a bit to get active whatsoever.
  • Convince your users and engage them by conducting poll surveys which not only let them participate but also shows their interest as well and at the end release the results of the polls as well.
  • Let people collaborate on different things, ask a question, and let them choose whether it is to be done or not or give an assignment or a task whatsoever and for those who do it ASAP, there is a prize.
  • Gaming is a great way to not only interact but provide the participant with the feel to brainstorm and despite of whatever the place they are of, they tend to collaborate in solving the puzzles and this it promotes the sense of team work as well.



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